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Investments don't need to be complicated. Choose the right plan for your business, deliver the best experience to your customers, and watch your winery grow.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What features are included in each plan?

    All Commerce7 plans include all features and functionality. We do not segment our feature set by plan, all Commerce7 clients have access to every tool on our platform.

  • How much does it cost to migrate to Commerce7?

    Commerce7 doesn’t charge you to migrate. Migration costs depend on the volume of data you have and your existing platform. Migration is handled by professional third-party partners, and a Commerce7 sales associate can outline potential costs and resources needed.

  • What are your credit card fees for payment?

    Credit card fees vary depending on your country, transaction volume, transaction history. Generally, our integrated partners are competitive and will match or beat your existing rates.

  • How does the transaction fee work?

    The transaction fee charged by Commerce7 is based on gross sales which includes shipping, taxes, and product costs. The only revenue excluded when calculating our transaction fee is employee tips.

  • What other fees are there?

    None - but there are other optional costs associated with using 3rd party apps and integrations.

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