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Capture and track what matters to you

Fully extensive customer records. The full picture of your customer in one location.

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A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

All of your customer data, easily accessible in one location.

POS, ecommerce, reservation, and website data all in one place

Unified customer record

Customer data comes from many places. Customers make reservations, they phone your winery, they buy online, and they walk into your tasting room.

  • checkmark@2xCommerce7’s unified customer record provides a single source of truth
  • checkmark@2xA single click from the POS or reservation system gives your frontline staff access to the complete customer record
  • checkmark@2xLimit duplicate customer records with smart de-duplication based on email and phone number
Unified customer record

Create your own attributes

Fully extensible

Your winery is unique, the data that matters to you might be as well. Create your own customer attributes to capture and track the data that matters most to you. Custom attributes are visible to your frontline staff on both the POS and reservation systems.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

Automate capturing data. Limit manual entry

Capture data easily

Capturing data shouldn't be hard. Whether your customers are creating orders, booking reservations, signing up for clubs, filling out forms, or engaging in a different method, data they provide is automatically logged in one central customer record and easily accessible to your staff and integrated partners.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

Manage, organize, deliver

Make data-driven decisions

Act on your data, build detailed queries of customers to segment them and provide them with unique personalized engagement, products, and pricing. Build lists of customers for marketing automations and campaigns. Auto tag customers based on criteria such as lifetime value, products purchased, and custom data fields.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

The features you need

  • clipboard-text


    Prebuilt form builder to capture data (such as a contact us form) or to survey customers. Capture CRM data, custom fields and unique questions.

  • calculator

    Query Tools

    Create complex queries across products purchased, reservations made, customer attributes, and other fields. Use ANDs, ORs, and NOTs to drill into the specific data you want.

  • profile

    Automatic Validation

    Automatically validate phone numbers, addresses, and even international addresses to ensure you're capturing accurate data.

  • network

    International Addresses

    Configured for over 90 countries. Our customer record understands international addresses and uses address validation to improve deliverability.

  • tag

    Static and Dynamic Tagging

    Manually or based on preset criteria, automatically tag and segment your customers to deliver them tailored engagement, products, and pricing

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