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Tips and tricks for selling DTC and working with the Commerce7 tools.

2023 Data Book.
Annual Data Report

A look into the trends, stats, and key insights that defined 2023 and will define winery DTC for years to come.


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Fighting Fraudulent Orders in the Wine Industry

Fraud is a harsh reality for wineries, both large and small. While it was once a problem mainly for big brands, today even mom-and-pop wineries are targets. Fraud hurts, just like all theft. Every act of fraud is a direct hit to a winery’s revenue, whether it happens online, in the tasting room, or during fulfillment. At Commerce7, we recognize the impact of fraud on your business, and we’ve dedicated countless hours to studying fraud, consulting with experts, and developing solutions to mitigate it.

By Commerce7 Team
5 Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Winery Website in 2024

"How do I drive more traffic to my website?" At some point, that thought crosses the mind of every winery. Whether you're a small family vineyard or a large-scale producer, getting more visitors to your website is crucial for growing your online presence and boosting your sales. In this blog, we go through five free ways to drive more traffic to your winery website in 2024.

By Commerce7 Team
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2023 Data Book: The Data That's Changing Winery DTC

2023 was an economically challenging year for many consumers, which was reflected by a 1.66% decrease in total sales across all DTC channels compared to 2022. Despite this dip, there were notable positive trends seen within all sales channels, highlighting opportunities for growth and optimization. Through our 2023 Data Book, “The Data That’s Changing Winery DTC”, our team examines the trends, statistics, and key insights we’ve found through analyzing our aggregate data across our 1,700+ winery client base.

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