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Club Clubs & Subscriptions

Club tools to captivate your members

Grow, upsell, and retain your members with Commerce7.

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Create happier members with Commerce7’s customer-centric club and subscription tools.

Personalized, convenient, easy

Visual product selection

Your members have unique needs. Allow them to personalize their membership with the ability to easily customize their package products, add additional bottles, or even receive their shipment right away. New members can select products for their first shipment, even before signing up. Commerce7 user choice clubs increase retention by 50%.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

The right outreach at the right time

Proactive member management

Create automated emails to engage with members before their shipment processes to remind them what products they're receiving, what card on file will be charged, and where the package will be shipped. Automatically update expired member credit cards and automatically email members with declined packages. Proactive emails increase engagement by over 52%.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

Spend your time on what really matters

Easier workflows

Auto processing of clubs, easy club exporting, reporting, and pre-shipment inventory means you spend less time managing your club. Commerce7’s unified club badges appear throughout the club, POS, ecommerce, and reservations making it easy for your staff to recognize and work with club members.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

The features you need

  • package

    Subscription Clubs

    Automatically have products selected for each member based on their unique preferences and auto-process packages in the background with the frequency that they select. Like custom clubs, members have the ability to preview and edit their upcoming shipments.

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    Traditional Clubs

    Not ready to give your customers more options online? You can run traditional clubs in Commerce7 and still have the benefit of improved workflows and proactive member management.

  • sliders

    Customizable Clubs

    Make it easy for members to preview and manage their upcoming packages online with our customizable clubs. Allow them to easily adjust the products in their package or even add additional bottles.

  • mail

    Proactive Engagement

    Reduce the need to adjust processed orders by automatically alerting members 2 weeks and 2 days before a shipment to let them know what's coming, what card is being billed, where the package is being shipped, and how to make adjustments.

  • sync

    Auto Credit Card Updater

    Reduce churn and the need for outreach by automatically capturing updated credit card information for any member whose card expires and is reissued.

  • mail

    Auto Payment Decline Emails

    Automatically email club members when their payment declines with a one club link to update their credit card.

  • package

    Easy Inventory Management

    Preview upcoming inventory needs for a given package and be notified of low inventory as members make selections.

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    Modern Membership Tools

    Provide your members with the best club experience possible by giving them the option to fully control their membership and shipments online.

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